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May 23,  · A bitcointalk user has found out that Tradesatoshi is a registered company in Hong Kong. Looks like for some reason (new owner, lawsuits, etc.) Tradesatoshi was forced to change the registration to the Asian region. 1 Satoshi = ฿ 10 Satoshi = ฿ Satoshi = ฿ = 1 Bit / μBTC (you-bit) 1, Satoshi = ฿ 10, Satoshi. Feb 20,  · Dear BitCore community, TradeSatoshi exchange closes its doors, we invite the community to withdraw their currency to their hardware/software wallet or to the other exchange such as HitBTC,, or Crex24 Read the announcement for details Keep your private BTX keys safe! Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: [email protected] Bitcointalk English Telegram English | .

Bitcointalk tradesatoshi

Tradesatoshi Exchange so different now - Exchanges -

As the volume of Bitcoin traded in Tradesatoshi is low, the high fees prevented many from withdrawing their minimum Bitcoin.

Initially, Tradesatoshi allowed users to trade without any KYC requirement. The account could be created by accepting their terms and conditions. No valid ID or personal info was required. The exchange became a safe haven for anonymous transactions of shady coins. Since March , unverified traders suddenly found that all trading actions, balance, withdrawals were blocked.

Even the link to the support from inside the account was blocked. Regarding the situation, the support gave a standard reply:. While trying to send another support request the user got the below:. Many people have registered previously with a pseudonym. Now, Tradesatoshi disallowed to change Username, the profile fields were frozen!

It is to be noted initially, Poloniex allowed users to keep any user name. They also gave users an option of changing their user name, which Trade Satoshi did not.

They also let users withdraw their funds within a timeframe. After their support modChris told me that i should not worry and that my coinsare safe, i went to sleep, in the morning i founr out that they banned my IP and locked my account. The former CTO of Cryptopia, Adam Clark, decided on the spot in Discord to delist Safex because someone apparently aggressive asked when the wallets would come out of maintenance.

So we did some digging. Reviewing the known wallets of Safex on Cryptopia, we noticed big trades directly between the hot-wallets of Cryptopia and TradeSatoshi. Our running theory was that someone internally on both sides was attempting to do arbitration trades and managed to lose a lot of Safex in the process.

We saw regular withdrawals from TS [TradeSatoshi] straight to the Cryptopia hot-wallet which co-inside with the timing of when certain members suddenly got their funds back. The delisting of Safex due to this one community member was a convenient exit strategy so they could save face. In addition to simple payments for doing well on drills, students will also get rewards for other activities currently in the system, as well as some which are only on the drawing board.

Since the tutor-web is a research project, several new features get added every year. Recently a crowd-sourcing feature for drill questions was added. Thus, students now occasionally get asked to write their own question, rather than just answering an existing one, and other students then get an assignment to peer-review the question. This is a very different approach from the most common multiple-choice questions. In this approach, the students may get rewarded for submitting a question, for reviewing it, for getting a good review and for writing a good review.

This crowd-sourcing of questions has been implemented but not the payments. Extensions include crowd-sourcing links to useful educational material and even having students submit their own material, such as worked examples, all subject to peer-review. The hope is that this will make the entire educational system more sustainable while also improving education.

Initial tests with such a system indicated a tendency to fairly sloppy results from crowd-sourcing, which implies that the exact design of the the peer-review and reward schemes may play an important role.

The tutor-web payment schedule will be adjusted so that the pre-mined coins do not get spent too quickly, i. The uncertainty in the number of students in the system currently about annually makes it impossible to predict the individual awards, but changes by a factor of 10 up or down should not be very surprising during the first two years.

The tutor-web wallets were the only ones receiving the pre-mined coins. Since the addresses of the tutor-web wallets are known, this is verifiable. Any subsequent transactions out of these wallets after the pre-mine will similarly be a matter of public record, although student rewards will be to anonymous wallets.

An amount greater than routine student rewards, such as a possible grant to a developer, will NOT be anonymous, but will be either publicly declared before a transfer is made or at least recorded as a comment in the wallet. Like anyone else, students can set up their own wallets, register the wallet address in the tutor-web and transfer their earned SMLY to that wallet.

This is only needed when the student intends to use the SMLY as a payment outside the tutor-web. The tutor-web will be enhanced to include a simple platform for matching tutors to students. Usually the tutors will be peers. The tutor-student relations will normally be anonymous.

The tutors will be graded by the students and will be able to set up their own rate, in terms of SMLY per hour or minute session. The information above gets updated.

Updates related to the SMLY reward principles are specified below. The tutor-web rewards were increased accordingly from fall , so total rewards through Nov.

Most students do not redeem their SMLY. Following a Nov. These receive coins from mining activity but were given starting amounts in SMLY from the tutor-web wallets. The block rewards are set to be Doing the same for the educational rewards will result in the same annual totals or approximately Since in the first year or two, there are relatively few students, the rewards for acing an entire tutorial have been set high, or up to 1 million SMLY for a difficult tutorial.

Instead, miners receive a much lower amount, most likely SMLY, are donated to an address maintained by Education in a Suitcase and are sent to the oldest address on the rich list. What do you think about this problem? At present the quantity of its clients has diminished essentially. It appears that it is never again referenced in the market.

Perhaps this is terrible news for the originators. A leap forward is expected to recapture its position. So tradesatoshi is an exchange site that has a faucet page just like the free coins n yobit, s that right? With movements like that I think it is on the edge of dying.

Exchanges will do anything they need to keep running. I see bad situation in trade satoshi most coin has little volume and many users complaint about their services.

I'm not judge trade satoshi but I'm not recommend this exchanges to support your activity. I think if anyone considers to have accumulated a lot of satosi and is already very rich, but by the end of it is the peak of the coin, but until now it is a bit gloomy then, maintain it.

Someday I'll hear Tradesatoshi shut down. I don't see any improvement in tradeshitoshi. Investing here is risky in my opinion.

TradeSatoshi has plenty of spreadsheets in which you can see how the market is acting right now. Although Tradesatoshi exchange has been established since based in London, but the customer support is not friendly, Leverage trading not available, Low trading volume, Fiat deposits are not accepted and doesn't support ETH. I haven't used this exchange for a long time. They are on selective scamming now, If you still have some money left on your Tradesatoshi account should withdraw them now and move it into another exchange.

Tradesatohi is co-owned by the scammers who made cryoptopia. So, do people still use Tradesatoshi, or is it getting to a point where it is just not very usable anymore?

Sometimes when a company is shutting down, they just let things lapse. They might be getting ready to take everyone's funds so I would personally tell everyone to withdraw immediately.

There is no reason to remove a chat client unless you don't want your users to be alerted by other users about actions that are about to be taken by Tradesatoshi. Why are you looking for another faucet in signatures like mine, cryptotalk is the best earnings site.

It looks like Tradersatosi only lasted a short time and even the faucet site also a lot of people complained because what is obtained is very difficult and even just a little. That's why faucet sites rarely enjoy doing. What exactly is actually unexpected will be how much bitcoin may be abruptly inquiring associates to accomplish KYC, and also especially, the particular resources are usually the one you have.

They need to not need to obtain that to start with. Properly that is actually awesome, We have constantly looked at Tradestasy since one particular tiny deals to send out and also distance themself anonymously.

Couple years ago I used tradesatoshi exchange for some coin trading. But I am not satisfied about this exchange because this exchange list many coin which are no trading volume and value. And many scam coin listed. That's why I using some trusted exchange. I have never encountered such any exchange named like this.

By the way the btc is the coin that's is doing fairly well since it's launch so that the users are very Happy. I think i have heard a couple of stories about getting scammed from that site, i suggest you withdraw to another exchange like yobit.

TradeSatoshi exchange closes its doors The TradeSatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange Verdict

1 Satoshi = ฿ 10 Satoshi = ฿ Satoshi = ฿ = 1 Bit / μBTC (you-bit) 1, Satoshi = ฿ 10, Satoshi. The latest tweets from @TradeSatoshi. TradeSatoshi Airdrop Round 2 is worth 75, TRX tokens (~$1,) and 1 ETH token (~$ ) in total. At the end of the contest participants who completed at least 15 entries in the bounty will be receiving random rewards in TRX up to TRX each (~$ 3). Share your referral link to earn entries for every referral. There is also a leaderboard reward: 1st Prize: 10, TRX tokens (~$ Tags:How to deposit bitcoins to cryptopia, Best platform for bitcoin investment, How to trade bitcoin luno, Btc eur trade, Bitcoin market will crash

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