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BitZ, established in Hong Kong in , is a well-known digital asset trading platform of the world, which provides professional digital asset and OTC trading services to users all over the world. Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale! BTC Global Team launched in late and quickly rose to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in South Africa. As I write this Alexa have BTC Global Team pegged in the top visited sites in South Africa, with the country making up 87% of traffic to the BTC Global Team website.

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This was a well concocted plan by Team on Fire and then they used every means possible to deflect the blame onto this fictitious character. The market correction in Bitcoin is what killed it in the end and they must be very cross with the Bitcoin Guru, Andrew Caw because Andrew obviously did not do his analysis very well.

My coleague invested his hard earned R40 two weeks ago!! Jesus please help us! God will punish them, if only they rethink to refund their monies back to them. Even if you want to run away with their money, kindly consider those that are yet to receive payment from you. You have the payment history, take out the amount you have paid to the people, out of their initial investments,then pay what is left to the respective investors, those that have started early and have benefitted to the amount they invested, can go without anything.

In order for a select few to profit Cheri Ward, Andrew Caw etc. I think all you guys are jealous about BTC and is just looking for a soppy story, where is your faith in the human race.

Whatch this space. Trust me they have prospered. Yes, collapsed Ponzi schemes are in high demand. A mob of angry investors baying for blood is the perfect gift for any situation. Money out exceeds money in and then kaboom. An inevitable side effect of Ponzi schemes. Go and take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. The website btcglobal. You are precisely the problem that Bitcoin has. You were not investing in bitcoin you were investing in a ponzi that was using bitcoin so the leaders could try hide anonymously behind it.

If you want to invest in bitcoin then invest directly in it. Azoore : …take out the amount you have paid to the people, out of their initial investments,then pay what is left to the respective investors, those that have started early and have benefitted to the amount they invested, can go without anything.

Scheme was setup to make rich the anonymous admins main goal and as consequence to rip off suckers in the end. As a group, investors are in loss. There is no extra money to be distributed among you and your friends. They simply and shamelessly follow their own interests, profit and greed.

Sure, Cheri helped operate the scam, even thought it makes her party to a criminal conspiracy she admits it. She and her boyfriend? Clynton Marks designed the comp plan, she near brags about this point. Go to blockchain dot info and look at these wallets:. At the moment both of those wallets have exactly one transaction, one wallet on Feb.

The first wallet received Welcome to money laundering in the crypto era. Gee, I wonder who controls those wallets? They claim some recovery to happen. Confidence is now gone and as soon as withdrawals are enabled there will be a rush for the door and that will be the end of it again. I Am just an independent representative. Any information of a Steven Twain will be much appreciated.

Alan is not the bad guy here, he makes videos and help us invest in many investments. That facts posted about Alan is not true. How can you live with yourself, when children got no! Another one would have ran away. How many lending platforms will even think about this?

We should be grateful, lucky that he even came up and offered this. People loose money in other ventures too offline; big money invested not sure how it will turnout.

And Alan himself is not even the owner of this platform, he is one like you and me who saw this lucrative passive income generating opportunity and he decided to put his hard earned money into it then uploaded some videos as way of making it known so we can decide on our own.

Punching him with all this abuse wont help but rather sink him and he will make a decision that both of us wont like. Give this guy some space, and let him work out the details and at the end we get benefits. The market is stabilizing and we will be fine.

At the end, this is our platform and we have to respect him and ourselves so we wont send negative vibes out in the space. I cannot belive people are still falling for it. There wont be any withdrawals.

That alone incriminates you as a scammer. Own your thievery, you owe at least that much to your victims. The actual sad thing here is the number of people who fell for it.

It is good to finally see the smiles wiped off a few Hipster faces. One other thing to consider. When investing, consider the folks dispensing advice. There is only one possible way for you to ever see any of your funds back, lodge formal complaints with the South African Securities and Financial authorities.

Tell them Cheri Ward and all of her crew lied to you and stole your money. If enough of you complain perhaps they will take action. The only way to get your money back is for Cheri and the gang to face jail time if they refuse to give refunds. Alan Solarsh : I promote programs where I see value. Nothing wrong with that. When you are actively encouraging people to invest in ponzi schemes. You are acting criminally — how many of your recruits lost money in agam and as soon as that collapsed you encouraged them to invest in Global.

Vortex Profits? Oz, add another review to your queue please. Oz : Wait about an hour…. The funny thing is these people really cant do maths.

However there is roughly investors and some have put in more than the minimum… how i ask you with tears in my eyes.. People That number for Johan Prinsloo is not correct. Cheri as been a very busy lady in the last week laundering money. Who is the real Steven Twain??? If enough people report them to the proper authorities Thank You Eish this can be handled through legitimate legal means.

Report them, get everyone you know that they stole from to report them too, then let proper authorities handle them. Well that wallet only has Almost 12 btc of that total look like they may have been used to make very selective payments to certain BTC Global Team members or are just taking a tour through more wallets making the coins harder to track.

But a whopping Report these people to the proper authorities, it is the only way you will ever get even part of your money back. Take screenshots of your backoffice and how you sent them the BTC Luno and email this with all your info to Johan. Open a case as you did not get the money they said in the email confirmation they were going to send to you print the email.

ALL these recruiters must also be charged! They are promoting an illegal scheme and have benefited from the proceeds of a crime. You and your boyfriend Clynton send messages to each other and play this imaginary friend game Clynton plays the role of Steven..

As you said.. I see they have paid a smaller percentage out to their members. BTC Global Team will be able to pay out until withdrawal requests exceed invested funds, same as any other Ponzi scheme. There has been no movement in my account since Friday. These arseholes still go around advertising 14 percent a week. They still grinding on 8 percent a day.

They moving money into new accounts we have solid proof of that. They already on the case as well and sitting with an amazing 98 statements from investors who have been scammed. Question is my how much is their lives worth or even so those off their children? Pay the people wats due or face wats coming your way. Btc admin better work fast on restoring their fuckups. Huge meeting coming up soon in jhb re this issue will post venue and times. Hope they not dead by then.

Apparently some of the guys were outside their home this weekend. To those of you who invested in a photo of a man with a milkshake I find it very hard to feel sorry for you…. Stop making excuses for scammers. What ever dude money I do what ever with just wonder why does it boother you because we not scammed by you lol. Welcome to BehindMLM. Here it comes… Steven is unreachable yet again.

Everything is gone. The non existent guy is now even more non existent. The money is gone, Cheri and her mates just made a little cleaner getaway plan. The Steven Twain facebook profile has also been deleted. It sounds like triplets are born this time or maybe he is just busy with security upgrades in his home.. Their facebook profiles are quiet. Especially Mr. Caw who deleted all his posts for the past 3 years. That shows that they are trying to clean up behind themselves.

It seems that the excuse is that there was a disclaimer on the website and that BTC Global is not a company but a group of investors and that Cheri and Co, including the holier than thou pastor is as much victims as everybody else. I dont understand how people could not have seen this coming. One arrest has been made today. The second will be done today too — warrant has been issued.

People can speculate all they want. My family and I are safe considering the severity of this all. The official legal statement will be posted here soon. The admin team are still handling cases and working the system as usual. As I refuse to put them in danger too. If you have a legitimate issue re the back office you can create a case. Issues re Steven and communications is no longer my responsibility and no one else has stepped up.

Messages has been sent to Steven and all we can do is wait for a response. Start realising that from day one we were all responsible for ourselves. No btc was ever invested with any leader. No charges have been brought against me or anyone of the leaders. All the best and thank you to those of you that behaved like good human beings with class and heart.

Folks, the only way to get even a partial refund is to report Cheri Ward and her crew to the police. Btc Global is already under investigation.

The details for the person you need to get in touch with are :. The fun thing here is that every single word you read on this site, all information on how it works is exactly the same words used on the btc global site. Copy paste job. You can check this out yourselves: btcoptionmarket. Not sure if the admin of this forum can post some pictures of the websites side by side.

That would be fantastic. Run a Ponzi scheme through an alias and then get a protective order against your victims when it collapses. Ano : You can check this out yourselves: btcoptionmarket. And they use the exact same website template and phone number as btcwalletfunds dot com.

Prefab reload schemes? Interesting post — Vivienne Budge the whistle blower gets arrested and jailed for the night while the real thieves roam free. It seems like these people seek out emerging ponzi schemes and promote the hell out of it.

I recently reviewed many of these, including BitConnect and EthConnect and I am honestly always skeptical, but for now we keep an open mind on the BTC Global Team and will share more details.

It also attracted me and encouraged me to get in-depth information about this company so that I can share it with you not as an affiliate but as a consultant so that you can make a right decision if you want to join this as they are NOT involved in any way with this company. Provides trading services for the company in order to achieve daily percentage returns.

So how much money can you earn with this? Is it simply a merchant genius? He is offering trading services for the company in order to make everyday percent returns.

Could it be done? So how much money can you make with this? Is he simply a wizard investor? That is really among the reasons the hedge funds with billions at play struggle to produce significant returns due to the fact that they cannot buy high return investments. You can do this by simply sharing it with friends and family or if you are an experienced online marketer you can do other kinds of advertising and marketing such as Facebook, YouTube, SEO, Email advertising and marketing and also other methods.

This implies you could earn on 5 levels deep, so if your group participants start to recruit even more people you will continue to earn on these levels.

Also the fact that Bitcoin can now be traded with futures contracts.. This means that the big institutions can start to short Bitcoin which again can result in very violent price swings to the downside. Also keep in mind that Bitcoin is very thinly traded.. Before you leave, and if you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, then also check out my recommendation below.

My name is Anders and i'm a 37 year old student of life. I have worked countless jobs and taken countless educational programs.

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I requested my withdrawal on the 05 Feb 20 in the morning, same day service my btc where dep in my luno acc that evening. What amazing system we have. Finalmente Global i "Yes" u well planned paying system. Kobus and ur team keep it up the good work. #breakingpoverty#trustedSAcompany#FINALEMENTE!!!!! Nov 10,  · BTC Global Team claims that it is “the marketing arm of Steven’s Trading business”, and this is continued with the following message: “We are backed by our founding trader at Steven Twain. Steven has 6 years of experience trading binder options with consistent success, over the last 3 years he has started providing trading services for. Mar 01,  · We reviewed BTC Global Team past November and, according to its business model, reasoned it was a Ponzi scheme. After BTC International Team's collapse, the study demonstrated that the BTC Global Scam is likely being controlled by natives Cheri Ward and Andrew Caw — that collectively might be working together with other people based in South. Tags:Cme btc trading hours, How to learn bitcoin trade, Agi btc tradingview, Bitcoin marketplace script, Bitcoin margin trading bot

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