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Btc systems co

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Nygard was arrested in Manitoba Canada by Canadian cops. Tribune staff make shiite up without bothering to get the story straight. How well do you the US and its history. China ever nuked anyone?

Never a dictator, I agree. But, the performance past and present is right there in the literature if you choose to read and learn. How much do you know about the Chinese Communist Party? Absolutely nothing of course. Go read about their crimes, I made a long post below.

Anyone who uses BTC to spy deserves credit. Trying to find your way through the complete mess and malfunctioning equipment has to be a nightmare assignment. That said, dem Chinese better not tief my secret sauce recipe!

Kick the Chinese Embassy out of our country! They're Communist authoritarian kleptocrats that will put the boot on our neck the second they have the chance and their embassy serves no purpose other than to spy on Americans and Bahamians!

Look at how they treat their own people, idiots! Don't involve us with them! Chucky: You sound an awful lot like one of the many CCP agents assigned by the Communist Chinese embassy in The Bahamas to troll local news and social media websites for the purpose of spreading as much anti-US sentiment as you possibly can to the more gullible D- educated Bahamians. Invited: Vietnam, South Korea.

Invited: Korea, Vietnam. Border conflicts: About 7. Every country spies. May it be for military or economic reasons. That's the way things are and always will be. Governments ain't interested in you or me unless we some big shot with juicy access.

What you and me should be more worried about is companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc In their short 70 years of rule they've killed more people than America in it's entire year history!

Mostly their own! So what do you think they'll do to you once they're in charge? They murder by the millions. Every year China executes more of their people than every other country on the planet combined.

They have a Prison camp system called "Laogai", similar to the Gulags of the old USSR, nobody knows how many they killed in these prison camps, estimates are 40 - 50 million. They've been carrying out genocide on Uyghurs, over a million are in prison camps right now making tons of the "Made in China" crap that floods our planet.

They carry out extrajudicial executions of Tibetans on the regular for decades. The Chinese government has murdered thousands of their followers and some of them they'll harvest their organs for sale, not even kidding, look it up. Not to mention all the murder and crimes they carried out during their "Great Leap Forward" 45 Million dead in 4 years or so.

America doesn't even come close buddy. But wait, there's more This is all just the stuff we know about, they've hidden so many more crimes. They can just grab them off the streets or out of their homes never to be seen again as we've seen in video recordings during the pandemic from over there. They are your new master. Better start to learn to speak Chinese. Luckily we right next to the US, that's the only thing savings us from a Communist boot up the fanny.

They bow to China, unlike Trump. Trump haters will never admit that he was the only leader in the world willing to stand up to China, resist globalization and the eventual 'one China, one world' mentality of that country! Password Forgot? Confirm password. The Tribune Jump to content. Upvote 0. Upvote 1. Add photo. Thats the first rule when engaging with a dictator led evil state. The biggest threat to world peace is USA! The tribune and its editors always protect the rich criminals.

What western media? Open your eyes to see what nation is the real threat to us and the rest of the world. BTCPower has an extensive track record of developing power conversion and charging solutions for a very broad range of applications, with an emphasis evolving from telecommunications, to fast electric forklift charging to networked AC and DC charging infrastructure for all types of electric vehicles.

In addition, BTCP offers a variety of credit card payment systems that can run standalone or with the network provider's software.

BTCPower continually advances hardware technology and avails it to all network provider's that use OCPP as the standard charger communication protocol to improve the EV drivers and owner experience. Toggle navigation. Read More. Feel free to contact us Thank you for contacting us.

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