Btc usdt trading strategy

Dec 17,  · In the daily chart for Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and also for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), we can see our principle in action. Shorting the market on a triple top into the distribution . BTC printed a small bearish flag (red on the chart) and it had a short drop this morning. Outside of this drop Bitcoin has a trading channel that is cycling down to a decision. Bearish scenario breaks down through the current channel and Bitcoin . The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy - 5 Easy Steps to Profit.

Btc usdt trading strategy

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If BTC goes below the current pennant, lookout.. In this down channel we can hove an soft dump if it don't break the down line of this channel and in other side if it break the top line of channel it can pump. As I sayed on last idea BTC stay in a channel for a while and now its breakthe top line of the channel on and pumped and as I sayed on last idea its give us a good short on its channel now we have an strong on If it break can do a bulliesh If it cant break again make an channel as I showed on chart.

Looking at the charts BTC moved up as predicted. It's hit the upside wall at the Now begins the consolidation phase where btc travels sideways and reloads for another move. If that consolidation phase bounces across and slowly moves down BTC will form a bullish flag for another move forward. That's the formation I'm watching for. In these sideways Btc price will go down after this month. BTC is in a pennant pattern. A break above it's current mark blue arrow on the chart and BTC could challenge it's all time high again Area indicated in a yellow circle on the chart.

It all depends on which side of the pennant BTC decides to exit. Similar setup as to when BTC past the 20K mark 2 posts back Wave C accelerating as expected. If BTC is able to break above and out of it's current pennant pattern it should have a large enough push to challenge the all time high of If BTC can't hold above the level if will fall to previous support of Hi friends, this is the first analysis I have published here.

On the 4 hour time frame BTC has first feigned a drop out of the current pennant pattern, then proceeded to break out the top. The confirmation is the wick marked "new support". Do you see the way it retracted quickly like it touched something hot?

KCS is the Kucoin exchange token. KCS gives a portion of exchange fees bonus for holders and fees discount. KCS is one of the best exchange tokens. If volume grows on Kucoin exchange KCS will skyrocket! After a small slumber, COTI seems to be regaining value fast.

Will we see a V-shaped recovery? Price action suggests that there's a lot of investing and volatility around this coin. With Crypto in the news all over the world, quick gainers like COTI will experience ample publicity, leading to even more gains and so on. Watch out around the marked resistance With a lot of alts rising sharply, I think we will see a small rebound towards earlier highs in the coming week.

My targets are Resistance 1 and Resistance 2, since I expect some selling pressure around there. Hello dear friends, as you can see, my expectations for the breakdown of the level did not come true. This position is open, as there were opportunities to close it with a plus, but I did not.

The symmetric triangle was broken upward. We have a double bottom, so it's too early to talk about a fall. Although all big TFs say otherwise. I have another Which one do you think will happen? This post is just a personal idea and not a buying or selling advice. Trading suggestion: ".

There is a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested support line During the BTC price instability we received the long signal from our Automatic Hammer Strategy, but, please be careful because the risk of this trade is high. The technical analysis confirmed the strategy assumption.

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Dec 17,  · In the daily chart for Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and also for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), we can see our principle in action. Shorting the market on a triple top into the distribution . Access to our BTC and BTC full-screen trading platform and gain more insights from OKEx BTC _USDT Live Price Chart. Use indicatiors to help you plan your BTC _USDT trading strategies. 19, USDT-BTC/USDT . The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy - 5 Easy Steps to Profit. Tags:Xvg btc tradingview, Basics of trading bitcoin, Bitcoin trading platforms in south africa, Successful bitcoin trading strategies, Tutorial trading btc

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