Btc_joe tradingview

Supply: TradingView. If Bitcoin stays on this new channel, it might attain a brand new all-time-high earlier than ends. And as institutional funding will increase, many see this as a vital consider differentiating from Bitcoin is not a novelty created by a bunch of geeks. As an alternative, it’s now seen as a authentic asset. TradingView. Sign In. Ticker Trading Comment: I'll save the haters the trouble, "btc_joe you have been wrong about litecoin for a year, why you post this shit" again, its just a chart, with information about price action, maybe that information tells you something or maybe it doesn't. View the profiles of people named Jo Btc. Join Facebook to connect with Jo Btc and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and.

Btc_joe tradingview

Bitcoinam I seeing things? for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by ltc-joe — TradingView

Comment: Thinking maybe something like this:. Comment: 50 MA has crossed down over the MA on the 4h which has been a pretty reliable signal in the past. Comment: What i'm watching:. Comment: As anticipated, the price was able to make it up to the low 's but only for a flash, kissed my trendline quite nicely.

And as noted ealier we got a bearish signal from the 50 MA crossing down over the Comment: My first article for Cointimes. The price broke down. Chart is looking great. Will provided an updated look at the 1d after closing. Comment: Here it is, the 1d view:. Comment: This is BIG news guys, the prospect of this will absolutely spook the markets. There is one thing any market does not like and that is uncertainty. We are in the midst of a legit coup attempt on bitcoin.

Comment: Typical 0. In that spirit, even making it up to the 0. Even more resistance at 0. Just updating:. Comment: After the new low to the high 8xx's price rallied a bit, but now sellers are stepping in yet again at the 0. May not drop right away, seems unlikely we will make it past this level, maybe some sideways then a kiss of the red descending trendline:.

Just risk management. Seems a bit more up is in store for now. Went much lower than I and most expected. But the million dollar question is what comes next? The bitcoin market was overheated at 10k, and it still went to 20k. Could the opposite be said of 6k, and now 3k? Time will tell. Comment: This is not a meme trendline, it has been on my chart since at least May Long term support found?

Comment: Diamond bottom in the works? UmairEjaz disobey. I have the same general idea. And most of these were purchased at much cheaper prices. And these people are not selling. We are in the middle of a bear market and these people are not selling. They will wait for another parabolic run. Another peak. And now fidelity is getting into the space. And ICE, with bakkt. Wallstreet wants in. This is a ticking time bomb. Once wallstreet picks up what it wants and settles in Sure, some are bearish, some are bullish.

Now that wallstreet is getting in deep, they will make SURE there is at least one more run. Now that they have spent millions of dollars on building infrastructure for the crypto space, they will make sure they get their pound of flesh at the end of the day.

They will win either way, as they usually do. Overcast Overcast. Overcast , It's not about "enough money in the world". It's the value one puts on Bitcoin and what it enables.

The question that needs to be asked is whether Bitcoin is more valuable than the entire mining or agricultural sector in the world. The necessity and benefits of those sectors are apparent. At those high prices the market cap of Bitcoin would exceed those other sectors.

What benefit to society would Bitcoin have so that it commands a higher market cap than those other important necessities? If it's not as important, it can't be worth more.

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Bitcoin (BTC) geçtiğimiz gün, bir gece içerisinde yaklaşık dolar seviyesine yükseldi. Yazım itibari ile lider kripto para birimi son 24 saatte %3’lük artış ile dolar seviyesinden işlem görüyor. Hisse senetleri ise bugün genel olarak düşüşte. @ltc-joe, what is happening on my print based in Ichimoku Cloud is the following strategy called E2E (EdgeEdge), which is: If the price enters the cloud, there is a probability that it is going to touch the other edge of the cloud. HOWEVER, when price is inside of the cloud, it is a NO TRADE ZONE. So, we are risking and expecting that the price can reach the other side of the edge, which is. Agree with you, manipulation of the first order, some are blinded thinking this is just plain market cycle, it is deliberately assisted market cycle. Tags:Bitcoin trader app shark tank mexico, Plattform bitcoin profit, Bitcoin futures trading guide, Trade api bitcoin indonesia, Jeanette aw bitcoin trader

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