Hitbtc deposit fee btc

Jul 28,  · HitBTC is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world for daily trading volumes. The platform lists hundreds of supported coins, and its fees are highly competitive. Dec 28,  · Fees. The platform announced that users would be charged a fixed fee for all bitcoin deposits starting December 22, Friday – the deposit fee would be deducted from the amount of any incoming transaction to HitBTC which will be worth BTC. Deposits on HitBTC can be made in any cryptocurrency, however fiat currencies are not supported. There is a fee of BTC but only for deposits in Bitcoin. Unlike most of the exchanges, withdrawal fees are not based on the volume and adjust automatically with the market. Current fees can be found in your exchange account.

Hitbtc deposit fee btc

Fees and Limits / HitBTC

Please keep in mind that there may be more than one project using the same ticker name, and that different exchanges may use different names for the same project. Some other websites, for example, coingecko. You can see the full name of each coin and token next to its ticker. Understandably, it can be very confusing that there may be several ERC20 tokens out there bearing the same name given to them by their developers.

This is why it's critically important to keep in mind that unsupported tokens deposited into your HitBTC account cannot be sent back. Please use the instructions below to avoid this unfortunate situation. Each token is has its own unique contract address.

This is what it looks like in blockchain explorer using EURS token as an example :. When you intend to deposit a certain token into your HitBTC account, you have to verify that this token has the same contract address we support. Double-check that the contract addresses are identical. If they are, you can safely make a deposit. If they aren't, your deposit will be lost. Yet despite its appeal as a secure technology, HitBTC remains an unregulated exchange at the forefront of the crypto wild west, which raises questions and adds risks to its reliability.

Many users online seem to complain about forced know your customer KYC checks when withdrawing funds, so a good practice would be verifying your account before starting to trade on HitBTC. Also, the exchange employs a sophisticated legal team and complies with GDPR regulations, thus giving you full control over your data and privacy.

However, it scores only 9. Overall, HitBTC is a secure exchange in terms of technology it uses to protect your funds. However, the exchange lacks transparency when it comes to its team and location, which is a major red flag for some. On the contrary, it has a proven track record, operating in the industry for more than six years already. For the inexperienced cryptocurrency buyer or trader, navigating the HitBTC website is, at first, a dizzying experience.

Much of this initial complexity comes from how HitBTC is focused more on the experienced trader than on people new to cryptocurrency. As such, more experienced retail traders and professionals should not have issues with the exchange's interface. The entire trading interface is completely customizable so that you can organize these windows in the most convenient order. When it comes to trading, the exchange supports the following standard order types:. That said, the actual mechanics of how the site works and how a user trades are surprisingly straightforward.

Users complete trades by depositing a chosen cryptocurrency into the HitBTC wallet, moves funds between main and trading accounts, and uses the deposited cryptocurrency to buy other currencies until he or she wants to withdraw their funds to an external wallet. As such, trading on HitBTC may not be too difficult even for complete beginners. Verified users can create sub-accounts that will help you to create different profiles for different trading strategies.

Moreover, HitBTC organizes various trading contests, so you can measure your skills against other traders and climb up the ranks in its leaderboard. Hopefully, the full version of the app becomes released soon.

For the beginners, HitBTC exchange offers an opportunity to try and trade cryptocurrencies on its demo platform first. You can register and access the demo platform by clicking the demo option at the bottom of the screen or by simply typing demo.

You will need to create a separate account for the demo platform. A demo account gives you approximately USDT worth of cryptocurrency, so you can start experimenting with hypothetical portfolios and strategies, or simply get used to the cryptocurrency trading and HitBTC platform. As a popular cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC has a support center for all sorts of user-related issues.

The support center includes:. The exchange team typically responds within 24 hours, but, in my experience, the resolution of some issues may take several weeks. Over the counter traders take place as a result of a partnership with TrustedVolumes. Each trade will incur a 0. When it comes to cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, they are as straightforward as it gets. The withdrawals typically take several minutes and mostly depend on the network speed of the cryptocurrency being withdrawn.

HitBTC is an interesting and exciting exchange. It does offer one of the broadest cryptocurrency markets selection in the entire industry, and its trading fees are the lowest, too.

The exchange is relatively secure and easy to use but is a better fit for more experienced traders. However, unregulated anonymous exchanges in obscure locations do attract their share of critics. As a result, a mysterious exchange like HitBTC will always have many supporters who are happy with its services, as well as numerous critics who are disappointed with its lack of transparency. Essentially, it all boils down to you and your risk tolerance level - do you trust the exchange enough to store significant amounts of cryptocurrency there?

Or would you instead go for a full KYC, regulated exchange? Home Reviews Exchanges. Open Account. HitBTC exchange homepage. Source: HitBTC. HitBTC offers one of the widest selections of cryptocurrencies available for trading and is one of the first exchanges to enlist emerging projects. Crypto-to-crypto exchange. Buy bitcoin or deposit some other cryptocurrency and start trading immediately without verification.

You may be asked to verify your identity later, though. Secure exchange. Low trading fees. Starter and General accounts pay 0. Demo account. HitBTC offers a demo account for new cryptocurrency traders. Everyone can try out its platform without making a deposit. Source: HitBTC demo platform. A picture of HitBTC team members.

HitBTC exchange liquidity. Snapshot taken on April 24, Soure: CoinMarketCap.

HitBTC Review Trading Fees

42 rows · The Interest is charged 3 times per day at UTC, at UTC, and at UTC . Jul 28,  · HitBTC is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world for daily trading volumes. The platform lists hundreds of supported coins, and its fees are highly competitive. Dec 22,  · The deposit fees will be deducted from the amount of the incoming transaction. The fee amount for every token is shown below the deposit address. Please be advised that if your deposit is lower or equals the fee, the whole amount will be used for the commission and will not be refunded. Respectfully, HitBTC. Tags:What is bitcoin market symbol, Youtube live bitcoin trading, Jesper buch bitcoin trader, Bitcoin trading app, Bitcoin trading world login

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