Hitbtc deposit problems

Jul 15,  · I wouldn't recommend using HitBTC, because they're known scammers. But for Ethereum Classic, it would likely require ~40, confirmations for an exchange desposit. Aug 14,  · Check asset performance on HitBTC System Monitor; We regularly update our wallets software. During the update process you can see the relevant notification in the “Deposits” section. You may also check the status for each coin on the System Monitor page. Red field means that deposits are temporarily disabled for a particular asset. HitBTC Deposit problem. Anyone here having problems with TRX deposits? The etherscan says I have received my deposit, but nothing appears on my wallet in HitBTC. I can see a lot of people are having problems with HitBTC regarding withdrawals, but I'm stuck with a deposit right now. Anyone else having thios problem? Thanks.

Hitbtc deposit problems

Issues : HitBTC

Deposits Articles 7. Main and trading accounts. Security of your funds. Retrieval of deposits sent by mistake. Making a deposit. How to deposit safely. Issues 6. My deposit address has changed. I have deposited a coin which is not supported by HitBTC.

Where is my ETH token deposit? Where is my deposit? NEO deposit delay: invocation transaction. Trading Articles Trading tools. Scaled orders. How to cancel my orders. Trading fees. Issues 4. Error when trying to transfer funds. Other problems with orders management. Can't specify the necessary amount. Margin trading Articles 5. What is margin trading? How to use margin trading? What is Isolated Margin? Interest Rate Charges.

Withdrawals Articles 5. How to withdraw funds. What are withdrawal fees? How to locate transaction hash. Why is particular coin offline? Whitelist of withdrawal addresses.

Issues I want to withdraw a disintegrated coin. Issues 5. How to download HitBTC app. How to create a new account. Withdrawals or other functions don't work in the app. Where to find a PIN code. How to sign in via HitBTC app. Token swaps, airdrops and other updates Issues 3. When I will receive coins after the airdrop which you supported? Will you support a particular coin? Forks and airdrops. What happens if a coin is disintegrated. Markets overview. Sub-accounts Articles 1.

Once the update is finished, a certain period of time is required for wallets to synch with the blockchain. But rest assured that it will not be lost. The processing time depends on the network load and on occasion may take several hours or more. It is not possible to expedite the deposits processing time. If you deposited a coin which is not supported by HitBTC into your HitBTC account, it will be neither credited to your account nor sent back to your external wallet.

How to make sure the asset is supported by HitBTC? Look up the ticker on your Account page. If it's not there, or if its name or contract address is different from the coin or token that you want to send, it means that we do not support this asset at this time.

If you have not found the reason why your deposit is being delayed, please fill out the form below. I don't know why my deposit is missing. Home Solutions. Enter your search term here New support ticket. Check ticket status. Solution home Deposits Issues.

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Jul 15,  · I wouldn't recommend using HitBTC, because they're known scammers. But for Ethereum Classic, it would likely require ~40, confirmations for an exchange desposit. NEO deposit delay: invocation transaction The technical features of our exchange restrict certain types of transactions from being displayed automatically on traders’ accounts on HitBTC. HitBTC Problems: Account Locked, Withdrawal Delays, Unable To Login, And Other Issues Though a popular cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC comes with its fare share of . Tags:What is bitcoin trading volume, After hours trading bitcoin, Social media market bitcointalk, Cboe bitcoin futures etrade, Shark tank aussie bitcoin system

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