Rep btc tradingview

LONG REP/USDT - setting up for breakout // As an optimist. If we see a rotation out of bitcoin/ money will likely flow back into quality alt projects at better low risk support levels. Auger/Rep is . Dear Friends, I believe Augur is the shiniest gem in the heap. I’m writing this towards an audience who is generally already familiar with Augur, but in a nutshell Augur is a decentralized prediction market. Augur is a decentralized prediction market built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to forecast events in a prediction market. Prediction markets are exactly what they sound like Author: Smaniscalco. BTCUSD There was a lot of bad news yesterday, things started to fall. The main part was sold, a good fall is expected, many opened short. It is not yet profitable for big players to see BTC go down. In the long term, the trend is upward, the correction has not yet been normal. The price can go up in the region of $ 29, to believe in growth.

Rep btc tradingview

REP Stock Price and Chart — BME:REP — TradingView — India

The situation will be only changed if REP closes a 1D candle above the Sell 2 signal say we must not buy. Here is my analysis: 1. Although we have a sell2 indicator, we can buy now. But if the chart falls, we must sell at 0. Augur bounced above historical resistance only to quickly retrace.

Potential now as it retests a few important levels this week. Worth keeping an eye for a move due to it's current low Market Cap. If it falls through this setup it could create a good buy opportunity. It is time to buy it now Sell with the EngineeringRobo' s sell signal. Have a good trade. After my analysis, I think the candles go up at the resistance line So if you wanna buy, you may buy now and sell the resistance line Awhile the candles go up and down between the resistance line and the dashed line.

Augur has fallen out of a channel during a correction. But we might see here an equal an a opposite reaction drawing a W and getting back to the channel. The MFi also indicates that we might have found a local vottom. Use your risk management to enter! For this price analysis, we're going to start on the daily resolution. We'll also be using Kraken's USD markets as our frame of reference for the price.

A chart for Augur and monthly chart for REP On augur it can be seen a bull flag is forming comparable to the one seen before a large upward move. Price History. Average Volume 10 day —. Beta - 1 Year —. Price - 52 Week High —. Price - 52 Week Low —. Dividends Paid, FY —. Dividends per Share, FY —.

Expected Annual Dividends —. Dividends Yield —. Net Margin, TTM —. Gross Margin, TTM —. Operating Margin, TTM —. Pretax Margin, TTM —. Income Statement. Gross Profit, FY —. Last Annual EPS —. Last Annual Revenue, FY —. Net Income, FY —. Total Revenue, FY —. Sector: Energy Minerals. Industry: Integrated Oil. Repsol, S. Repsol is an integrated energy company.

Crypto|REP/BTC|Long BTCUSD Crypto Chart

Long REP/ BTC 1. The beginning of the decline in the level of BTC dominance. 2. Weakening of the growth dynamics of BTC / USD near ATH. 3. General consolidation of altcoins after a downtrend (to BTC). 4. Inflow and redistribution of new money in the market. 5. Formation of a zone of consolidation and accumulation after the fall. Take level 0,; 0, The risk stop level is TradingView. EN. TradingView. Sign In REP is still under strong selling pressure continuously and has continuously appeared false breaks and long wicks. So REP is still trending down for the next few days, the target is the $ zone. REP/BTC 50% Profit booked and still 50% upward Chances. REPBTC, 2D. Long. LONG REP/USDT - setting up for breakout // As an optimist. If we see a rotation out of bitcoin/ money will likely flow back into quality alt projects at better low risk support levels. Auger/Rep is . Tags:Bitcoin to fiat traded volume, Best place to trade gift card for bitcoin, Best trading bitcoin, Arizona bitcoin trader, Bitcoin trader sign up

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