Tradesatoshi btcp

TradeSatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchangeis a company devoted to financial exchanges using cryptocurrency. In this site, you can exchange cryptocurrencywith the latest market rates or know more about the current market. This is a new company. TradeSatoshi . TradeSatoshi BTCP/ So for each ZCL currently BTC is “ charts, historical data, news, on TradeSatoshi alltime US Dollar Trade Satoshi Private to Bitcoin on keys, our bitcoin isn — TradeSatoshi These figures match the at Tradesatoshi at the abstract of the Bitcoin — Tradesatoshi . Jul 06,  · Launched in , TradeSatoshi is a crypto-to-crypto exchange that allows users to trade more than digital currencies. It lists popular coins like bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as well as Cryptocurrencies: SAFEX, BTC, LTC, DOGE, BTCP, WC, ETH, DGB, BCH, BTCZ, GRLC, VOT, BCI, , NYC & over 78+ more.

Tradesatoshi btcp

If Stole Your BTCP, You'll Want to Read This : BitcoinPrivate

Until then we are stuck with bottom feeders like Trade Satoshi, as well as some really reputable exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, QuadrigaCX, etc. They are still owned by us untill sold, btcp is still paid to tradesatoshi for the zcl in a sell order, they do not ever belong to tradesatoshi, it is a total scam! This is also incorrect. Please see the screenshot of my balance after the snapshot.

Not that it matters how they categorize it. People are dumb as f and didn't do their homework. Now they're whining like little bitches on Reddit. Homework did not help. They took my btcp and i didn't sell tell after the snapshot. And I've seen you, your the last person to be calling other people bitches.

When you place a sell order coins are removed from your wallet and you're not holding them anymore, the exchange is. Nice of you to warn people but I'm sure they missed your warning and thought they were being clever. Just curious, why did people keep zcl on Trade Satoshi in order to participate in the fork? Lack of technical skills? Some did it because they assumed that they would be able to sell it quicker, hence the sell orders.

I had mine on TS because I wanted to sell as soon as the snapshot was taken. But this turned out to be a shit plan in hindsight. You just can't really predict much in this market especially when everything was going down. I thought this way would be easier. Ugh, that is terrible. If they weren't going to honor sell orders, they should have made that clear from the start, rather than pocketing the BTCP they got from those ZCL.

With all kindness, you are really dumb if you actually put half of your life savings into some unknown exchange. They have been around for and many traders including me have used them for a long time with no major issues until this. I lost a handful of btcp and put in a ticket but never received a response.

That's shady AF. Never heard of TS before they announced support, so I did not gamble with that. I hope this gets resolved for all of you. This is what you get for trying to be cheeky, game the system, and have it both ways. You agreed to whatever terms of service they have when you agreed to send them your coins. You're not entitled to anything more than they agree to give you, regardless of what you might think.

If you wanted to be sure to get all of what you were owed, you should have kept it in your own wallet like everyone else was telling you to. Their terms did not indicate that sell orders wouldn't count.

That's why people are upset. You should have done your homework instead of blaming for your entitled view of the world. I did my homework and so did the rest of the people in our group. We followed every rule. That is why we are demanding the BTCP. And you will get nothing except delicious tears and wasted energy crying about how the world wronged you when you got too greedy and thought you could outsmart the system.

Too greedy? How in the world was I trying to "outsmart the system"? Did you even read my post? Man I hate that happened to you. I completely agree that's bad form on the part of Trade Satoshi. I hope they adjust their decision. I guess the lesson here is the well known adage that unless you have the private key, you don't own the crypto. If the company holding it for you decides to do whatever, I guess they have the right to.

That doesn't mean there can't be negative market consequences for them making the wrong decision, which sounds the case here. Thanks Xian Getting away from centralization was the point of this whole thing, and using a centralized exchange takes us back to what we are trying to escape in the first place.

I placed convenience above the absolute safety that those two coins provide, and I got burnt for it. This is a common trading strategy. Same here, I was more trying to profit from those attempting to get in before the fork who might be willing to pay a higher price. The only one of these I'm familiar with is etherdelta, and the last time I looked at it the instructions and process for using it made my head spin.

How many different wallets, accounts, and transactions do you have to accomplish for a single trade? And it looks like you are depositing your coins into their account, so is it really decentralized? Given the comments in their subreddit, I'm not alone in being confused. It's also only good for ethereum tokens, as the name suggests.

Most of my investments aren't in eth tokens. Komodo's Barterdex is another I've heard of, but likewise with people suggesting it isn't quite ready for prime time yet. I'll check out the other two you mentioned though. Open order does not change the balance in the blockchain. How one can even accept an open order as an excuse to still your coins.

At least that should have been clearly announced. No meter if you have an open order or not, exchange will get "your" btcp.

Then will not credit to you, just because you have an open order??? I did not try anything I've only transferred the ZCL to them because they've promised to support the fork, I haven't seen the information that open orders do not count in any official announcement it is ridiculous.

How is trying to sell your ZCL trying to game the system? In my time zone, the fork occurred at 4am, I put a sell order before I go to sleep in case the price of ZCL jumps up before the fork. Are you trying to take Trade Satoshi's side here and claim that they are in the right leaving out crucial information from their statements about accepting the fork, and then taking all of that BTCP for themselves?

I would say they are the ones 'gaming the system', or probably a better term would be 'scamming the users'. So are you saying that to the people who didn't have sell orders? You got to love people who name call from behind a computer. Does tradesatoshi has order history, to check if I had my zcl on an open sell order, before the snapshoot?

I think I did not, but can I confirm that on the screen? Lesson learned. Always hold in a wallet vs exchange. I purposely moved my ZCL out of Bittrex just because I didn't want to deal with any potential problems. So that was just icing on the cake. I could have kept my ZCL in Bittrex to possibly get more for it thus making my average cost of BTCP cheaper, or getting the best of both worlds, or double dipping, but I instead decided to just hold in ZCLs official wallet so I wouldn't get screwed over in some manner.

I wanted my BTCP asap in case it go onto a big exchange early and opened at some ridiculous high price so I could then sell half or all of it. Those examples do not work currently. I'm sorry this happened. I cannot find anything in writing that says sell orders won't be credited.

But what I do know is when I put a sell order in my available balance goes down. So just based of my intuition I have never put a sell order in before the snapshot of a fork I use a wallet where I hold the private keys. Now your story confirms what I have assumed was true. The risk they will fuck you is too high. I have the same problem with TradeSatoshi.

Placement of a proposal for the sale of something does not deprive the owner of the right to own. Moving from my wallet to the wallet from which the orders are placed was not, otherwise I would need to pay a commission.

It is also not indicated anywhere in the rules or other documents on the TS website that open orders do not give the right to receive coins after fork. I only lost a small amount, nothing like what you lost, but I'm right there with you all in this fight.

All ZCl's See confirmation btcprivate. On the site tradesatoshi. No answer from them. Got a response on my ticket. Not even sure that I had an open order during the snapshot; I can't find any viewable order history like there is on Binance.

Either way it is irrelevant to the action on the blockchain, and given their statements of commiting to credit their clients with 1 BTCP for every 1 ZCL held at the snapshot, Trade Satoshi has to either:. The amount of trolling in here..

Also have not received my BTCP possibly due to them being in a sell order. And to the trolls: a sell order at 3x current price to prevent from missing out on extreme pumping of price. If you believe this is evil, you know nothing of trading and should keep your skewed opinion to yourself. Already contacted a lawyer and currently looking at possible legal actions. There is no way TS is getting away with not crediting me MY coins.

Just look at the "balance" tab on TS, when there are open orders for any coin they are still added to the "total" balance for that coin thus them saying the coins are yours whether they are in an order or not. It's instulting that they would even try and use that excuse.

The available and reserved balance on their site has absolutley nothing to do with the action on the actualy blockchain, and it's so obvious that they are simply creating a situation for themselves where there are 'unclaimed' coins that they can just keep. Reminds me of the saying "don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining". Before the fork, I really tried to find out if ZCL in outstanding sell orders would be credited or not, I searched and searched for tweets and on the site, but I could find nothing on this matter!

So I decided to leave a sell order open, just in case someone would pay that price. This is basic trading! TS decided to take them for themselves because I had a sell order open?! This is misleading and results in funds being lost. This is theft by any law, no judge will say: "Oh, but you took the risk to get scammed, so the scammer did not do anything wrong".

Once you put in a sell order, it's out of your hands. You have signed the contract to sell at that price until you manually cancel that order. Those coins are no longer yours, they are basically in escrow waiting on a matching bid. TradeSatoshi sucks. There is nothing good about this 'exchange'.

They are assholes and scammers. The btcp dev team screwed us all by only listing at this crappy exchange and ignoring to follow through with real exchanges. Only when devs stop supporting these scam exchanges will they go away. It was entirely irresponsible of the dev team to choose TS as the only and main partner for the launch. You're right on the first part. It's a contract to sell at that price.

But it is still yours until it does sell. If you hold some stock on the stock market and place a sell order for that stock, and it doesn't sell but the stock gets a dividend, TD Ameritrade doesn't keep that money. They pass it on to whoever owns the stock. Which, if it hasn't sold before the dividend, is you. But it is no longer in "your" wallet. You hoped to be able to dump your ZCL prior to the fork for profit but it didn't work out At the FAQ, they could have mentioned that open orders will not be credited.

Actually did they know that? Not trying to flame or anything, but it's quite obvious to me that sell orders don't count.. How is it obvious? Untill the order is filled coins do not change hands. Intention to sell if some conditions are met is not a sale yet. I can't fathom why you would think this.

Who do you think has that BCTP? Care to share what price you got your zcl sold at? Definitely NOT trying to double dip. I put in a sell order for half my ZCL in case people wanted them for a premium pre-fork. That's simple trading strategy, and there is nothing nefarious about it.

You're full of shit bro. ZCL price right before snapshot was the lowest it had been in a week. You didn't want to sell any ZCL until after the snapshot, you tried to play the game and got played. Go cry now. Pure blatant theft. When a coin is in a sell order it's entirely on their internal database system and nothing to do with the blockchain and until that sell order has been fulfilled, the coins are still on wallet address and internal database credit associated with your account.

The rules are clear and have been for a while You thought you were being clever or did not read them, it is your own fault entirely. Prove it. Link to these rules. The people who are organizing were all well read on the topic and saw no such rules. The only communication from Trade Satoshi was on the website and on the twitter, both of which I have provided screenshots above. We followed all the rules and didn't get our BTCP. That is why we are demanding them.

Like I posted above - if your sell order executed right before the fork snapshot, would you still be posting here crying like a little b? No, you wouldn't. You gambled and lost, own it. Let me guess, you're an entitled little millenial. That's people's own faults.. Just cuz you wanted to dump your bags before other people and send the price crashing that's what happens.. And it's peoples' faults for not holding on a wallet and doing what they were supposed to do So you thought you could take the easy way out and be able to dump your shit first, but the ppl who actually took the time and put it in their wallet can get fucked and are still holding ZCL bags because of people that did exactly what you were doing during the fork As long as they aren't keeping the claimed BTCP then I don't disagree, and I'm sure I'm gonna get a shit ton of downvotes for this opinion It seems to me like maybe you're making some assumptions.

Did anyone on here say they were trying to "dump their shit" for a low price? In fact, it appears that some people on here were saying they had sell orders for high prices in case the price had skyrocketed. That's not trying to make something crash. That's part of why people are so angry. If we had had sell orders for a price lower than the current market price, they would have executed instantly.

Everyone who is having this issue was trying to sell their ZCL for above market price, presumably, like me, hoping that some people would be willing to pay more trying to get in last minute before the fork. TS doesnt have any info on it so you'd have to ask via support ticket they are not legally bound to tell you either. They definitely should have made that clear. When in a sell order, coins are still shown under my 'total balance'. I had ZCL on the exchange, on my account, in my balance when the fork happened.

Is it really difficult to understand why that would make somebody mad? Yeah, I have no issue with people buying and selling crypto whenever the heck they want to. If you do, that's on you. If you think that justifies theft, then that's your twisted mind.

Ik ben een bot, bliep , bloep. Iemand heeft ergens anders op reddit een link naar deze thread geplaatst:. Damn, it sucks I should have just held in Coinomi, moved it last minute and didn't get credited. My response ticket Some reasons of coin not receiving after for are here. Coin not confirmed at the time of fork. ZCL was unconfirmed at the time of snapshot 2. I feel bad for anyone who lost out but honetly, even if Bittrex had announced support for the fork or any other exchange for that matter there was no chance of my trusting a third party with my coins hoping they would do the right thing.

Anything you have on an exchange does not belong to you, unless you own the private keys you are taking huge risks and as unfortunate a lesson this is for many I'm sure its not a mistake anyone here will ever make again. When you place a sell order it's removed from your exchange wallet so why would you think you'd get paid on it?

User error. Count me in. They owe me about 7 btcp. They should of turned off deposits like bittrex did. Then I wouldn't of transferred in the first place. You can also get in touch with TradeSatoshi via Discord, and the team maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter. To ask a question simply log in via your email or create an account.

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Please read our website terms of use and privacy policy for more information about our services and our approach to privacy. TradeSatoshi exchange — December review. Tim Falk. Is this crypto-to-crypto exchange the right platform for your trading needs?

Closed down TradeSatoshi has ceased operations. No supported Fiat currencies.

TradeSatoshi exchange – December 2020 review The TradeSatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange Verdict

TradeSatoshi BTCP/ So for each ZCL currently BTC is “ charts, historical data, news, on TradeSatoshi alltime US Dollar Trade Satoshi Private to Bitcoin on keys, our bitcoin isn — TradeSatoshi These figures match the at Tradesatoshi at the abstract of the Bitcoin — Tradesatoshi . Jul 06,  · Launched in , TradeSatoshi is a crypto-to-crypto exchange that allows users to trade more than digital currencies. It lists popular coins like bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as well as Cryptocurrencies: SAFEX, BTC, LTC, DOGE, BTCP, WC, ETH, DGB, BCH, BTCZ, GRLC, VOT, BCI, , NYC & over 78+ more. TradeSatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchangeis a company devoted to financial exchanges using cryptocurrency. In this site, you can exchange cryptocurrencywith the latest market rates or know more about the current market. This is a new company. TradeSatoshi . Tags:Tradingview vechain btc, Tradingview btc chat, Btc market analysis, How bitcoin trader, Bitcoin market cap december 2017

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