Will bitcoin enter stock market

Sep 22,  · Stock Market End Game Will Crash Bitcoin. We are about to enter a new crazy trend and it’s likely to be very volatile and I believe potentially very bearish, but in the new reality of broken Author: Clem Chambers. Dec 17,  · Google Slapped With Antitrust Suit, Bitcoin Surges Bitcoin reaches a new high as investors look to alternative investments. By Susannah Snider, Senior Editor, Financial Advisors Dec. 17, . Nov 14,  · The proof is in the pudding — before tradfi got into the crypto market publicly, bitcoiners did not believe in crypto enough to decouple the price of bitcoin or any altcoin from the traditional stock market. If this is allowed to continue, we can expect tradfi to dominate the crypto space in a few years.

Will bitcoin enter stock market

Can Bitcoin protect your portfolio if the stock market implodes? - AMBCrypto

Austerity is never popular with a population, so the "bad actor" is more likely to come from a nation with more centralized power structure like Russia or China. Because these nations are competing with the West and have their own independent financial structures, they will not hesitate to take advantage of the dollar's weakness. Because of this, MMT is practically very stupid. I hate the fact that most YouTube shills are celebrating the tradfi adoption of bitcoin. These LBRY Libertarians are a super hypocritical class of people who claim to be bootstrappers but still bow to the whims and wishes of people they call socialists.

The more mainstream bitcoin goes, however, the more their bags pump, which is why they put out video after video celebrating mainstream partnerships and adoption. Tradfi can produce some good things for bitcoin, however. You'll notice that bitcoin did not begin to decouple from the stock market until big announcements from tradfi institutions that they were investing in bitcoin.

How can this be? When bitcoin is in the hands of LBRY libertarians, the crypto market follows tradfi. When tradfi investors get in, then tradfi and bitcoin begin to behave as independent entities. The truth is that the LBRY libertarians have very weak hands, and on top of that are bad traders. Because this group of crypto holders is so intent on stimulus and tradfi adoption pumping their bags, a bear market in tradfi or news of Congress gridlocked on stimulus reduces their hope of a quick pump.

They impatiently sell. When companies like MicroStrategies, Square and institutions like the Iranian central bank announce bitcoin holdings, bitcoin begins to decouple because now you have stronger hands in the market. These are institutions with a vested interest in protecting investors and stakeholders. They have stronger hands and professional traders under their employ.

They realize the Westernized global traditional economy is trash, and they will help to FORCE the decoupling of bitcoin from tradfi so that they can protect their interests. Bitcoiners give lip service to financial sovereignty, but really have yet to prove their allegiance to anything other than hoping for a crypto bull market to sell out back into fiat. The proof is in the pudding — before tradfi got into the crypto market publicly, bitcoiners did not believe in crypto enough to decouple the price of bitcoin or any altcoin from the traditional stock market.

If this is allowed to continue, we can expect tradfi to dominate the crypto space in a few years. They will rightly see the space as a great investment opportunity. The difference between these folks and bitcoiners is that tradfi will implement the focused and disciplined trading policy to make the decoupling a reality. Bitcoiners have yet to discover that the implementation of Satoshi's vision depends on their attitude more than their financial position.

Because the crypto market was unable to achieve the decoupling on its own, it betrayed a fatal flaw — disbelief in its own stated philosophy. This is blood in the water for the investment sharks that are chomping at the bit to move money profitably out of fiat. Right now, crypto looks like a tasty snack. It's going to be sooner rather than later, because the institutions that are in the space look to be holding to the vision of crypto as a true financial revolution and bitcoin as an efficient store of value better than bitcoiners and LBRY libertarians.

Tradfi is serious. Basically everyone who matters outside of Peter Schiff has bent the knee which means Peter Schiff doesn't matter, lol , and tradfi institutions that haven't made the leap are probably just figuring out how to present the idea to their top stakeholders. This article talks about how to protect oneself should the stock market implode due to an unforeseen event. By printing money, the Fed has kept up appearances that the cogwheel, that is the economy, is running perfectly fine.

However, the fact is that this has increased the debasing of the currency by 3X as mentioned by Michael Saylor. Holding cash would severely cause problems for investors. Adding more woes to this are interest rates , which have hit 0. However, this might hurt the US more than it helps, especially since it is a country that has an overleveraged debt cycle waiting to pop.

Source: Twitter. The surge in the stock market is a house of cards waiting to collapse. If and when this does happen, holding cash will not help and neither will stocks. Hence, the only reasonable alternative to preserve wealth is gold. The last resort will be bitcoin, which as mentioned above, is an uncorrelated asset that can act as a hedge against the collapse of the US markets. Akash is a full-time cryptocurrency writer and an analyst at AMBCrypto.

He is an engineering graduate with an avid interest in finance and economics. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Bitcoin (BTC) prices - Nasdaq offers cryptocurrency prices & market activity data for US and global markets. Dec 17,  · Bitcoin mania is doing its bit to drive stock market momentum, writes James "Rev Shark" DePorre, who says the thinking is that if bitcoin can increase by . Mar 30,  · Other notable performers include bitcoin SV up 11 percent, bitcoin cash (BCH) in the green 8 percent and IOTA (IOTA) gaining 8 percent. These hour price changes are as Author: Daniel Cawrey. Tags:How to trade bitcoin in metatrader, Btc supermarket, How to trade bitcoin for altcoins, Btc basketball trading cards, Hasty market bitcoin

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